Different truck tire covers

A high quality truck tire cover is an important part of your truck gear. A top quality truck tire can be expensive (especially the mud tires), there is no good reason for you to leave it out back and exposed to the elements. A good truck tire cover is key to keeping your spare truck tires safe and in good working order for as long as possible-you never know when you might need it.

Covers for mud tires

Why are truck tire covers so important?

For three reasons basically:

  1. Truck tire covers protect your spare tire from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Without the shade of a truck tire cover, your tire could shrivel and and develop cracks. This seriously diminishes the tire’s quality, makes it ineffective when the time comes to put it on in an emergency. Some sun-dried tires have been known to crumble to pieces once the trucks started rolling.
  2. The truck tire covers protect your tire from the discoloration that could be caused by the sun and the elements.
  3. They keep your tires clean! A clean tire has been shown to function much better than tires that have been smudged or left to the mercy of the elements.
  4. They give you truck a much more complete and aesthetic look than it would have had if the tire truck was missing from the picture.

What types of truck tire covers are out there?

There are two groups of truck tires covers: hard and soft; and these can be subdivided into a further three types namely: hard metal, leather and vinyl. The pros and cons of the two major groups are touched on below:

Hard truck tire covers

These are normally made of hard plastic, stainless steel, or a combination of both. Often referred to as a Continental Kit they come in two parts: the face plate that covers and the outer ring that has the latch and holds the tire. They offer the highest security you could hope for your truck tire. But nothing is perfect, here are the pros and cons


  • Maximum amount of security afforded for your tires. Comes with a metal lock for extra safety.
  • Longer lasting
  • Resistant to certain elements like mould, mildew


  • Very expensive. On average they cost twice as much as you would spend on a soft truck tire cover.
  • Difficult to mount and it might not be possible to mount certain others at all. Mounting one may require adjusting the existing mount of your truck tire.

Soft truck tire covers

These are either made of leather or vinyl and are wrapped around your truck tire. These, especially vinyl, are very popular because of all the different designs that can be imprinted on one.


  • Easier on the pocket, they come in much cheaper than hard truck tire covers.
  • There are a variety of designs available. Custom design services also exist to make sure that you are able to the truck tire fit that is just right for you.
  • Very easy to mount


  • Far less durable-will only last a few years before holes and tears start appearing and it needs replacement. The bag could also grow soft and worn, causing it to sag.
  • Offers less security when compared to the hard truck tire covers.

If you are thinking of buying a truck tire cover, obviously there are many things to consider. Hopefully, with the information given above, that decision could be an easier one.